Welcome to Business English Centrum!

This website is designed to improve the communication skills of those who use, or are planning to use English for business purposes. 

We focus on the correct way to say clearly the things you want to say; to improve your understanding of things that are being said to you; to expand your vocabulary of words used in business negotiations and transactions.

We are not a general learning site for English but for people who already have some working knowledge of business English – and may already be using it in practice – but wish to improve their skills. Others may have a good knowledge of English but do not use it often.

To be proficient at any language it is essential to speak and listen to it on a regular basis and, if English is your lingua franca this is where Business English Centrum can help you.

PLEASE NOTE: This website is under construction and it’s content is currently only available to existing students. Please register to receive our weekly free lesson and for further information about the website.